Joe petta throw away clips


Triglactagon X Funk n Waffles

Attend if you dare local scum



Poll jam

Cause I know you like jammin too.



Bank 2 Bank

Trowel your hart out.




Truer words have never been tattooed on some dudes ass



Ancient space man says “Buy cans when skating rocky roads”.




Go skate day game of skate

Game of skate at Onondaga lake park winner gets 50$ and a deck. All attended get park pass. Get your cut!




Panama Pop

photo by: Richie Guzalak


Go build not bald

While your on face book we were building the future.



Welcome to the wedge

When I show up at work I can always expect to find some amazing shit like this waiting for me in the parking lot.



Tight black and white

Joe Petta: Back smith
Location: everson museum syracuse
photo: Eric Ungberg
Yo Eric if you see this post, contact us. Let’s do stuff.



Shredden the cold ones

20120324-185238.jpg full sponsorship from pbr’s snowboard team


Sick wall paper

Feel free to snag this to your desktop to use as offensive wall paper on your phone or other earthly electronic shit.



Gross airport food

Syracuse airport features local hot dog company Hoffmann. Prepared traditionally on rolling stainless steel just like the gas station used to make, yum!



Stab and Grab on the wall

Not only can you skate on these…but you can hang them on the wall too.



Another Day at the Office

We have Hi-tech weather machines to melt snow for year-round skating!


Sticker sighting

Located in transworld skate mag feb edition. This sticker was spotted under muska blasting a melon. If you spot a sweet placement send us a photo of that shit and we’ll make that picture worth a thousand turds.



Go fight sopa

If you dont know what this shit is yet, wake up fool! Go surf the net and get pissed. Then do something progressive, either about it or some other shit.



Televisionaries at MK art show

In Rochester at an undisclosed coffee shop, after hours an art/rock show took place. ” I have never seen a such a well behaved group of dirt bags in all of my days” one grandma hobo was quoted saying to herself. It will forever go down in history as “the lowest amount of damage ever caused by MK army at a show” said amazed patrons before there minds were blown.


New Rider

Dig Dig

You may have been fortune enough to spend some time this this room with some of the greatest philosophical thinkers of our time. discussing space time displacement and it’s direct link to inner earth and it’s effects on seasonal tidal migrations of the gnaryclops tribe, booyah




Stab and Grab cribs

If this room looks familiar, you may have woken up there with the taste of cream ale after haven drankn too much at slut night. Ladies they don’t call him silky fo nuttn



Triglactigon : goo canoe


Trump taj mahal

My toilet paper dispenser is nicer than the dons




Gnarchitects of the galaxy

What you waiting for go get concrete



Pregnant ankle

Soon it will give birth to our new savior



Go build, not bald

Pre Gnar-BQ ramp building sesh


My weapon

From “Big pop bob” Gomez in Afghanistan.



Your a slug

Your friends a slug too.



Thrashed ankle


Chris gaisers ankle after a trip to eve



Down on the farm somewhere in upstate ny,







Getting radical with mr.melon


chris gaiser on the way back from philly after insane sesh decided to snag a melon


To my web designer

What are you fishing or something?Sorry everybody, email your complaints about our site to our web guy


noseslide-Joe Petta

How to do a bum flip

Ben franklin

Go skate day


Dr.weeks/Garret Cailo/swichflip


4/20 Glass Blowing Demo

In buffalo new york at headn to hertel






Can your finger smile?

Broken glass. Straight to the bone. Half a dozen stitches. Bad to the bone was playing on the radio when I got in my car to go to the hospital.


House of Flying Daggers Teaser

If you haven’t seen this vid, peep it out son. More work from 1000 styles, “Killer Illustrations Brah”

Raekwon feat Wu Tang Clan: “House of Flying Daggers” | Directed by The Chain Gang from Chain Gang Productions on Vimeo.


Up-State NY Art Opening

Great turnout, great art, great performances. Thanks to all who came out to show their support. I hope we can do another one soon. In the meantime, here are some photos from the event. The green piece behind the DJs and MCs is created by one of Stab and Grab’s own, 1000 styles.


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